Cookies Policy

We use cookies to facilitate the use of our website. Cookies are small files of information that allow us to better understand how our users navigate through our website. The cookies we use do not store personal data in accordance with the Organic Data Protection Act, or any information that can identify you. If you do not want to receive cookies, please configure your Internet browser to delete them from the hard drive of your computer, block, or alert you if is to be installed. To continue without changes to the configuration of cookies, just keep browsing the website.

Types of Cookies Used:


Cookies allow operation of the website and service expected by the user accessing the site, for example, browsing web pages or accessing secure areas of the same services. Without these cookies, the website can not function properly.

These cookies store information needed during the session and changes related to it, and also determine if you are registered or not on the web.


Google Analytics is a web analysis tool of Google that primarily allows website owners understand how users interact with their website. It also enables cookies in the domain of the website where you are and uses a set of cookies to collect information anonymously and report website trends without identifying individual users.

If you do not want to allow the use of cookies on our website, you can disable it by setting the browser